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Ishikawa Toshimitsu

石川 利光

Ishikawa Toshimitsu

Ishikawa Toshimitsu studied Kinko-ryu shakuhachi music and other classical honkyoku (solo compositions that were played by the zen priests, komuso, in a form of meditation known as suizen) under Tajima Tadashi and Yokoyama Katsuya. He graduated first in the 37th term of the Japanese music school, NHK Hogaku Ginosha Ikuseikai, and also passed the NHK audition. In 1995, he trained as an intern of the Arts and Culture division of the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. In 1996, Ishikawa was awarded the Osaka Arts Theater's Shorei-Shinjin prize, and in 1997, was awarded the Shorei prize at the 3rd All Japan Hogaku contest. From 1993, Ishikawa has presented four recitals and has also produced the following concerts: "Masterpieces of Fukuda Rando", "Romance of Wind and Strings", and "Shakuhachi Honkyoku of an Autumn Night". Starting from 1990, he began performing internationally in such places as India, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Belgium, and the United States. Besides his personal work which focuses on the classical honkyoku and the music of Fukuda Rando, he also participates in the shakuhachi ensamble, Fudo (children of the wind), with Yonemura Reisho and Okada Michiaki, where they are actively performing in concerts, radio broadcasts, and making CD recordings. Solo CD "Ikkan ken-mei (In Dead Earnest)" is now on sale. Besides being a member of the Orchestra Asia "Japan Ensemble" and a representative of the Osaka Hogaku Solisten, Ishikawa also presides over his own organization, Ishi no Kai, periodically holds training classes for the public, and is a permanent lecturer of the International Shakuhachi kenshukan.




Daiyon FUDO - Kineya Seiho Daiyon FUDO - Kineya Seiho

In Dead Earnest In Dead Earnest

In Dead Earnest Part 2 In Dead Earnest Part 2

Japan - Splendour of the Shakuhachi Japan - Splendour of the Shakuhachi

Kinko and Koten honkyoku.

Kimiya Wasuru Kimiya Wasuru

Komm ins Offene, Freund! - Holderlin Komm ins Offene, Freund! - Holderlin

Miyamahigurashi - Fukuda Rando Miyamahigurashi - Fukuda Rando

Tracks Recorded

Azuma JishiIn Dead Earnest Part 2
DahaIn Dead Earnest Part 2
Daiyon FudoDaiyon FUDO - Kineya Seiho
HenroDaiyon FUDO - Kineya Seiho
Hon ShirabeIn Dead Earnest
Kikyo Genso KyokuDaiyon FUDO - Kineya Seiho
Koden SugomoriIn Dead Earnest
Koden SugomoriJapan - Splendour of the Shakuhachi
Kokû (Dokyoku)In Dead Earnest
Kumoi JishiJapan - Splendour of the Shakuhachi
Reibo (Dokyoku)In Dead Earnest Part 2
Sagari Ha (Nezasa Ha)In Dead Earnest
Sagari Ha (Nezasa Ha)Japan - Splendour of the Shakuhachi
San'anIn Dead Earnest
San'ya (Dokyoku)In Dead Earnest
San'ya (Dokyoku)In Dead Earnest Part 2
San'ya SugagakiDaiyon FUDO - Kineya Seiho
Shika no Tône (Kinko Ryû)Japan - Splendour of the Shakuhachi
ShingetsuIn Dead Earnest Part 2
Shirabe (Nezasa Ha)In Dead Earnest
SokkanIn Dead Earnest Part 2
Taki Ochi no KyokuIn Dead Earnest Part 2
TamukeIn Dead Earnest
Tsukikusa no YumeDaiyon FUDO - Kineya Seiho
Tsuru no Sugomori (Dokyoku)In Dead Earnest Part 2
Watazumi no Iroko no MiyaDaiyon FUDO - Kineya Seiho
Yamagoe (aka Reiho)In Dead Earnest

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