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Furuya Teruo

古屋 輝夫

Furuya Teruo
生まれ 1949


Born in Osaka, Teruo Furuya began studies of the shakuhachi under Katsuya Yokoyama at age 18. In 1971, he graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University and the NHK Traditional Music Conservatory. At that time, he also made his debut on NHK television. He regularly holds his own recitals and makes numerous guest appearances in various concerts. He has appeared in several of Yokoyama's recordings and has made his own set of shakuhachi practice videos and two CDs. He teaches at the NHK Culture Center and Gakugei University and is one of the main instructors of the Kokusai Yokoyama's Shakuhachi Kenshu Kan, the sponsors of the First International Shakuhachi festival.




Kangen Hissho Kangen Hissho

Shakuhachi and koto. Modern pieces.

Shakuhachi Suiso Shakuhachi Suiso

Shakuhachi Honkyoku and modern pieces from the 1920's to the 1970's.


Aki Kaze no KyokuKangen Hissho
Gekko RotekiShakuhachi Suiso
Kangen HisshoKangen Hissho
Kikyo Genso KyokuShakuhachi Suiso
Maboroshi wo OuteKangen Hissho
MakiriShakuhachi Suiso
Miyama HigurashiShakuhachi Suiso
NettaigyoKangen Hissho
Rokuso Shakuhachi no Tameno KokyoShakuhachi Suiso
RyûroShakuhachi Suiso
ShingetsuShakuhachi Suiso
Taki Ochi (Taizan Ha)Shakuhachi Suiso
Tsuru no Sugomori (Oshu)Shakuhachi Suiso
Yamagoe (aka Reiho)Shakuhachi Suiso

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