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Fuji Jido

藤井 治童


Fuji Jido is originally from Kitakyushu (and had the name Fuji Hisao) he started studying shakuhachi with his father at the age of 13. In 1967 he began studying with Notomi Judo's son Notomi Haruhiko for several years until Haruhiko's death in 1969. Following that, Fuji became an in house student to Living National Treasure Notomo Judo until Judo's death. Fuji received the name Jido in 1973 and formed his own Kinko group, the Tojukai, in 1979. They began a yearly series of ensokai or formal concerts in 1983, and split away from Notomi's other son's group the Domon kai.

(Note: Apparently there was a conflict and Fuji took half the ryuha with him. His group the Tojukai was also joined by another split off group from Domon kai called the Shodokai, led by a semi-pro player and maker named Suzuki Shodo, who is now in his late eighties. )

In 1987 the Tojukai was granted official status within the Nihon Sankyoku Kyokai. In Heisei I (1989), Fuji Jido created a new branch of Kinko ryu called Chikudosha, and was joined by the Shodokai. Fuji rewrote all the Notomi kai or Domon kai honkyoku and authored an instruction book which came with a series of cassette tapes along with Araki Kodo V. Fuji Jidp often has his pieces broadcast on Japanese national radio. In 1994 he was made a director of Kinko Ryu Kyokai in Japan, and this year he is regi-cho (one of the directors) of the Nihon Sankyoku Kyokai. He and Teido Suzuki are the only two shakuhachi players in the Chikudosha guild who make their livings entirely from shakuhachi.

Also Known As Fuji Hisao


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