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Ned Rothenberg

Rothenberg, Ned

Ned Rothenberg composes and performs on saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, and shakuhachi. He has been intemationally acclaimed for solo and ensemble music presented for the past 20 years in hundreds of concerts throughout the world. He began using the shakuhachi in performance in 1987. He has also studied in Japan with the masters Goro Yamaguchi and Katsuya Yokoyama. He has worked there extensively, collaborating with musicians in a wide variety of genres. In 1996, he premiered "Home Away" at the Japan Society in NYC, together with Katsuya Yokoyama. His shakuhachi can be heard on John Zorn's 'Big Gundown' and other CDs and various film and TV spots.



Crux - Selected Solo Wind Works (1989-1992), The Crux - Selected Solo Wind Works (1989-1992), The

Orginal compostions. Shakuhachi honkyoku played on the saxophone.

Ghost Stories Ghost Stories

A downtown mainstay for twenty years, composer/multi-woodwind performer Ned Rothenberg makes his Tzadik debut with a stunning CD of chamber music. Acclaimed for work in a wide variety of contexts from the multi-metric funk of his Double Band to the large chamber jazz of Power Lines, Rothenberg here shows both range and focus in works for unprecedented instrumentations that have epic scope. Asian and western instruments combine in scores mixing improvised solo features with through-composed ensembles. Ghost Stories is one of Rothenberg most accomplished works.

Intervals Intervals

Ned Rothenberg inaugurates his new label, Animul, with Intervals, a 2 cd set that is his first solo release in almost 10 years. Rothenberg’s solo work on alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet and shakuhachi has been internationally acclaimed with over a thousand performances on 4 continents since 1980. His musical voice is built on a timbral palette which integrates ‘extended’ and standard instrumental technique into a seamless whole.

Opposites Attract Opposites Attract

Ned Rothenberg-alto sax, sampling, shakuhachi; Paul Dresher-guitar, sampling, processing; Samm Bennett-drums; Anthony Jackson-bass

Ryu Nashi / No School: New Music for Shakuhachi Ryu Nashi / No School: New Music for Shakuhachi

This CD presents his original music for this unique Japanese end blown flute in beautiful recordings that capture all the subtle nuances of this ancient and profoundly moving instrument. Performed by Ned and some of the foremost players outside Japan, Ryu Nashi is evocative and cutting edge music for shakuhachi.

Tracks Recorded

Cloud Hands Ryu Nashi / No School: New Music for Shakuhachi
Emergent Vessel Ryu Nashi / No School: New Music for Shakuhachi
Shadow Detail Ryu Nashi / No School: New Music for Shakuhachi

Composed or Arranged

Shakuhachi Compositions
YearTitleKanjiAlternate Title
Cloud Hands

Dan No Tabi (Journey on a Staircase)

Emergent Vessel

Naki Tokoro Nite (Where There Is Neither)

Shadow Detail

Shamisen Compositions
Naki Tokoro Nite (Where There Is Neither)

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