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Vlastislav Matousek

Matousek, Vlastislav

A shakuhachi player and recording artist living in the Czech Republic. He studied composition and music theory at the faculty of music of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where since 1991 he has been a lecturer on ethnomusicology. In 1996 he went to Japan on a fellowship awarded by the Japan Foundation to study shakuhachi playing with Mitsuhashi Kifu and Japanese traditional music with Professor Yamaguti Osamu. As a theoretician he is concerned with the music of extra-European cultures, exotic and folk musical instruments, rhythm and kinetics. He is also active as a music journalist, working primarily for Czech Radio in Prague. He is a composer of eccentric musical works that frequently make use of exotic instruments and electronics, and he demonstrates a preference for non-traditional expressive means and compositional procedures. As a performer - primarily on the Japanese bamboo flute shakuhachi, but also on other exotic and folk instruments from his own vast collection. He also performs medieval and traditional East Bohemian folk music on various instruments including the 'moldanky' bagpipes and the hurdy-gurdy. Since 1979 he has been playing meditational and orient-inspired music on various exotic instruments including ethnic percussion (tabla, dholak, Tibetan bowls etc) and ethnic flutes as a member of the ensemble Relaxace.



Calligraphy Calligraphy

Shakuhachi honkyoku and pieces inspired by Japanese poetry.

Taki Ochi Taki Ochi

Tracks Recorded

12 Amatsu KazeCalligraphy
47 YaemuguraCalligraphy
57 Meguri AiteCalligraphy
77 Sewo HayamiCalligraphy
82 Omoi WabiCalligraphy
Asahidaki Waterfall 7.9.1996Taki Ochi
Choshi (Don't know which version)Calligraphy
Inside the CircleTaki Ochi
Kokû (Don't know which version)Calligraphy
Kyorei (Don't know which version)Calligraphy
Mukaiji (Don't know which version)Calligraphy
Omoi Wabi ChoshiCalligraphy
San'ya (Don't know which version)Calligraphy
Sewo Hayami ChoshiCalligraphy
Taki Ochi (Fudaiji)Taki Ochi
Taki Ochi (Ryogenji)Taki Ochi
Taki Otoshi no KyokuTaki Ochi

Composed or Arranged

Shakuhachi Compositions
YearTitleKanjiAlternate Title

12 Amatsu Kaze

47 Yaemugura

57 Meguri Aite

77 Sewo Hayami

82 Omoi Wabi

Omoi Wabi Choshi

Sewo Hayami Choshi

Asahidaki Waterfall 7.9.1996

Inside the Circle

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