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Fukuda Teruhisa

福田 輝久

Fukuda Teruhisa
Born 1949


Born in 1949 in Nagano Prefecture. Studied under Baizan Nakamura, Kohachirii Miyata. Started performing in public in 1986. He not only plays traditional Japanese music like Hitoyo-giri Shakuhachi but also shows great interest in modern music. He is an active participant of a composer's group and has introduced many new pieces in Sumi's BANQUET, Ozaki. Uchikawa & Ban's "San", Doi & Kaneta's "Kaze". He has also performed with numerous famous Japanese orchestras including the NHK Symphony Orchestra. Last year at the National Culture Festival held in Oita he played the "Hochiku Sansho for Shakuhachi & Chamber Orchestra" composed by Tamura Hirohiko and won high critical acclaim. He has also performed at prestigious performances sponsored by famous groups like the National Theater, New Nippon Steel Culture Foundation, and Musical Foundation for Modern Music, Japan Federation of Composers, Orchestra Project and NHK. He has released several CDs including "Shakuhachi Banquet" from America N.P.M., "Mysterious Sounds" from California Legacy and "Esprits Animaux" from ALM Records.

He is a member of the Pro Musica Nipponia and master teacher working to free the shakuhachi from its strict traditional setting.




Esprits Animaux Esprits Animaux

Modern compositions for solo shakuhachi.

Esprits Animaux- Part II Esprits Animaux- Part II

Modern compositions for shakuhachi in ensemble with string quartet.

Gakuon Jyu Gakuon Jyu

Honkyoku, solo shakuhachi and a piece for shakuhachi and shamisen.

Mysterious Sounds of the Japanese Bamboo Flute, The Mysterious Sounds of the Japanese Bamboo Flute, The

See the album "Shakuhachi Banquet" for a remastered and in-print version of this out of print recording. NB: There is a different CD, from the same label and with the same catalog number (Legacy - CD 381) and even the same cover, except with the name "Teruhisa Fukuda" blacked out, which nonetheless has entirely different music on it.

Shakuhachi Banquet Shakuhachi Banquet

Honkyoku and modern compositions for shakuhachi.

Tracks Recorded

ChinoEsprits Animaux
DrawingEsprits Animaux- Part II
Etude for the Rainy SeasonMysterious Sounds of the Japanese Bamboo Flute, The
Etude for the Rainy SeasonShakuhachi Banquet
Fish on HorizonGakuon Jyu
Fushoku IIEsprits Animaux
IchijoGakuon Jyu
Johi Haku UnMysterious Sounds of the Japanese Bamboo Flute, The
Johi Haku UnShakuhachi Banquet
KokonEsprits Animaux
Kumoi JishiMysterious Sounds of the Japanese Bamboo Flute, The
Kumoi JishiShakuhachi Banquet
Kyo-chikuEsprits Animaux
MeikyoGakuon Jyu
Music of the Different Origin, TheEsprits Animaux- Part II
Rain in the Ancient Wilds, TheEsprits Animaux
Shika no Tône (Kinko Ryû)Mysterious Sounds of the Japanese Bamboo Flute, The
Shika no Tône (Kinko Ryû)Shakuhachi Banquet
Shiki Soku Zeku IIIGakuon Jyu
ShikisokuzekuuEsprits Animaux- Part II
Shin KyoreiGakuon Jyu
Sokaku ReiboMysterious Sounds of the Japanese Bamboo Flute, The
Sokaku ReiboShakuhachi Banquet
SyukonGakuon Jyu
Ten no IoMysterious Sounds of the Japanese Bamboo Flute, The
Ten no IoShakuhachi Banquet
TomusuEsprits Animaux- Part II
Via AirEsprits Animaux- Part II

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