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Fujiyoshi Etsuzan

藤由 越山

Fujiyoshi Etsuzan
Born 1937


Born in Tokyo, Japan. First started out with modem and contemporary interpretations of Shakuhachi, In 1960, became the pupil of KUZAN TAKAHASHI, the great master of Fuke Shakuhachi, under whom he studied for 27 years and was initiated into the traditional themes and techniques. His research into Shakuhachi music brings him also to studying Chinese music, MATSURI BAYASHI (folk festival music), GAGAKU (ancient court music), etc., as his ultimate goal is, through such wide approach, to further deepen his understanding of Shakuhachi. Appearing on TV programs, educational movies, and various recitals, he also dedicates himself to the fostering of disciples, and to the further propagation of his art.




Reibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi Reibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi

Tracks Recorded

BhaisajyaguruReibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi
Jiang he ShuiReibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi
KomyoReibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi
KuyoReibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi
Reibo (Don't know which version)Reibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi
Reibo NagashiReibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi
SangeReibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi
SuzuruReibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi
Taki Ochi (Taizan Ha)Reibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi
YazaginReibo - Fukeshu-Shakuhachi

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