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Elizabeth Reian Bennett

Bennett, Elizabeth Reian

Elizabeth Reian Bennett received a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Princeton in 1975 and a Ph.D. in Chinese Arts History from Yale in 1984. Japanese music became a major interest while she pursued her academic studies, and in 1982; two years before she received her Ph.D., she became a shakuhachi Shihan and received her performing name, Reian. In March of this year, Reian Bennett was further awarded the rank of grand master. Reian Bennett's teacher is Aoki Reibo; she has trained in the Reibo-kai techniques and style for twenty years.



Wild Silence Wild Silence

Kinko and Meian Honkyoku. Themes of nature and meditation.

Tracks Recorded

EmptinessWild Silence
Shika no Tône (Don't know which version)Wild Silence
Song of OshuWild Silence
Song of TruthWild Silence
Tsuru no Sugomori (Don't know which version)Wild Silence

Composed or Arranged

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Spring Dreams

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