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Philip Gelb

Gelb, Philip
Born 1965/04/12


Philip Gelb is one of the few Shakuhachi players who focuses on new and expeimental music. His shakuhachi teachers include Kurahashi Yoshio, Ronnie Nyogesu Seldin and Dale Olsen bai-o and he studied composition briefly with Yuji Takahashi. He has performed throughout North America and in Japan and Europe as a soloist as well as in various ensembles. His current projects include a trio with Pauline Oliveros and Dana Reason, a Shakuhachit/String Trio with Carla Kihstedt and Hugh Livingston, collaborations with dancer Eri Majima and duets with interactive computer composer Chris Brown. His recordings are available on Leo, Deep Listening, New World/Countercurrents, Abray, Ryokan, Limited Sedition, and Cultural Labyrinth. He currently lives and teachs in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Between - Waves Between - Waves

Modern music for shakuhachi, accordion, conch, saxes and piano.

Indistancing Indistancing

Shakuhachi and 2 kotos. Modern compositions.

Mystic Journey Mystic Journey

Shakuhachi/percussion improvisations.

Natto Quartet - Headlands Natto Quartet - Headlands

Primal Identity Primal Identity

Orginal compostions with shakuhachi and piano.

Purple Wind Purple Wind

Shakuhachi/electronics improvisation.

Tracks Recorded

As the Bay Bridge Begins to ShakePurple Wind
Avoiding the Guilt TripPurple Wind
Bipolar or SchizoPurple Wind
Bowlegged Bagel BakerPurple Wind
Caller IDMystic Journey
Calling, TheMystic Journey
Chimp Without a TreePurple Wind
Evening RitualMystic Journey
For JoeMystic Journey
Gino's Flute NightmarePurple Wind
In the BrushMystic Journey
Infinite WorldsPrimal Identity
Ka BellsMystic Journey
KikichaNatto Quartet - Headlands
Mad Cow DiseasePurple Wind
MisoNatto Quartet - Headlands
MochiNatto Quartet - Headlands
NeinaPrimal Identity
Nine Years LaterPurple Wind
NukaNatto Quartet - Headlands
Origami TendrilsPurple Wind
Other VoicesMystic Journey
Peter GreenawayPurple Wind
Primal IdentityPrimal Identity
Purple Wind (for Sun Ra)Purple Wind
Rhizomatic Truth TablePrimal Identity
RideumMystic Journey
Sacrifice, TheMystic Journey
Sake (Gelb)Natto Quartet - Headlands
Saturday AfternoonPrimal Identity
Seeker, TheMystic Journey
Seer, TheMystic Journey
SobaNatto Quartet - Headlands
Sodomites from a Declining EmpirePurple Wind
Song of SolomonoPrimal Identity
Space Between, TheBetween - Waves
Timid TyrannosaurusPurple Wind
Too Much ChocolatePurple Wind
Tran DanceMystic Journey
TransformationMystic Journey
Volt GoingIndistancing
WavesBetween - Waves
YubaNatto Quartet - Headlands

Composed or Arranged

Shakuhachi Compositions
YearTitleKanjiAlternate Title

As the Bay Bridge Begins to Shake

Avoiding the Guilt Trip

Bipolar or Schizo

Bowlegged Bagel Baker

Caller ID

Calling, The

Chimp Without a Tree

Evening Ritual

For Joe

Gino's Flute Nightmare

In the Brush

Ka Bells

Mad Cow Disease

Nine Years Later

Origami Tendrils

Other Voices

Peter Greenaway

Purple Wind (for Sun Ra)

Rain Sketch Number 7


Sacrifice, The

Seeker, The

Seer, The

Sodomites from a Declining Empire

Timid Tyrannosaurus

Too Much Chocolate

Tran Dance






Sake (Gelb)



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