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Araki Kodo V

五世 荒木 古童

Araki Kodo V
Born 1938


Araki Kodo V is head of the Kodo-kai Shakuhachi Guild and fifth generation of one of the most important shakuhachi lineages in the twentieth century. His Solo shakuhachi and TV debut came in 1950 at the age of 12. He ascended to the name, performed his first solo recital in 1962. Araki has performed, recorded and taught extensively in Japan and the US, where he has had long and fruitful residences starting in 1963. These have included lectureships at such top universities as Columbia, Michigan, Stanford and UCLA. Araki holds a masters degree from Wesleyan University (1971). Maintaining his presence on both sides of the Pacific, he presented his "Shakuhachi Honkyoku Concert" at the Metropolitan Museum in New York( 1986) and in Japan he has produced four solo recitals over the years, the most recent in 1993. He has recorded his entire Kinko School honkyoku repertory for the NHK Service Center (1996).

Also Known As Araki Tatsuya



Kodo Araki Kodo Araki

Tracks Recorded

Chidori no KyokuKodo Araki
KonkaiKodo Araki
Shika no Tône (Kinko Ryû)Kodo Araki
Shiki no NagameFujii Kunie Sokyoku Jiuta No Sekai 2
ZangetsuKodo Araki


Kinko-ryu Shakuhachi Honkyoku

Master of Arts, Wesleyan University197181English

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