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Jonah Fortune


Shakuhachi & Composer

Jonah Fortune is a Shakuhachi performer and teacher based in Montreal Canada. He has been awarded a Jun Shihan teachers licence by his primary teacher Michael Chikuzen Gould, a grandmaster of the Dokyoku/Chikushinkai school. While living in Kyoto for a music scholarship, Jonah had the opportunity to further study this style with grandmaster Michiaki Okada and to study select Kinko/Jin Nyodo style pieces with grandmaster Yodo Kurahashi.
Jonah has had the opportunity to record and perform with several of his teachers in both Japan and the USA including a performance at The historic Tofukuji temple complex in Kyoto with Kurahashi sensei. He has also given solo concerts as well as performances alongside koto and western harp in both Japan and Canada as well as recording for film.


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