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Bryan James


Born 1949

Shakuhachi & Composer

Born Auckland 23-8-49. Educated at Auckland University 1968-72 (MA Hons, Anthropology); Canterbury 1975-6; Massey 1985-8 (Certificate of Japanese Studies &PGDipSLT); Christchurch College of Education 1975-76 (Diploma of Tchg in Speech-Language Therapy). Composed music for documentary film, various ensembles mostly jazz and has compositions for flute published in a compilation of New Zealand flute music.

Registered music teacher of flute, saxophone and theory. Plays soprano,alto and baritone saxophones, concert and alto and bass flutes, and Japanese shakuhachi. Studied traditional shakuhachi playing while living in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan 1992-95. Since returning to NZ has performed traditional Japanese music in “Soyokaze” (shakuhachi and koto), and flute ensemble music with “Crofton Flute Ensemble” also plays in jazz and improvisation ensembles, "Nexus" and Liberty Swing Band. Featured in 2001 International Jazz Festival with quartet playing traditional Japanese music blended with jazz. Interested in ethnic musics and extended techniques for woodwinds. As well as studying traditional music in Japan, had lessons on the Chinese flute (Di-zi) while at Hunan Normal University in Changsha, China Dec 1986-Jan 1987.

Currently employed as a secondary school teacher of Japanese at Te Kura, New Zealand Correspondence School, Wellington. Has a large and incredible family who have kept him poor for far too long.

Also Known As James Shinyo

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