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Gerhardt Staufenbiel

Staufenbiel, Gerhardt
Shakuhachi & Maker

I am teamaster and I am teaching in Urasenke tradition in my privat teahouse Myôshin-an in the countryside near Nuremberg, Germany.

About 16 years ago I started with shakuhachi in the Komuso tradition of Ichoken, Hakata.
I studied the complete tradition of Ichoken Honkyoku several times with my teacher Ikkei Hanada but I didn't take any diplomas because for me shakuhachi playing is a buddhist meditation and not for reputation. So I am playing only Butsuga together with some friends and tea scholars und for the birds and the wind in the rural landscape around my theahouse.

I visited Kurahashi Sensei in Kyoto several times and got some additional ideas of playing shakuhachi.

I am using the Ichoken notation that is different from usual notation.

Since 1 year I started making my own jinashi Shakuhachi an will sell them for reasonable prices to interested persons.

With friends we produced a CD last year in my own studio.

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