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BAmboo Way


Way, BAmboo
Maker & Composer

An approach when your opportunities are at minimum level always attracted my attention, because you discover the essence of the instrument making process.
Various academic variants seem too complicated to me, they've lost the most important thing- the liveliness itself and life in the very moment.
Exactly this thing distinguishes bamboo flutes.
Bamboo is a mysterious and a unique material, which absorbs and dissolves everything destructive. These qualities become stronger when bamboo becomes a flute.
A flute made in harmony is beyond words.
A few sounds, a simple melody and always something new, fresh.
The process is such by its nature. It's like a dawn, like a sunset- the same, but always new.
It is difficult to say whether I am searching for something or I have already found it. Probably, both.
During the process of a flute creation everything happens by itself, efforts are also made - when it is necessary.


Международное Общество Сякухати - 2018