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Jem Klein

Klein, Jem
Born 11/23/1979


I was raised in the hills of Mendocino County, California, where I was fully home-schooled and encouraged to follow my own interests. Beginning as a young child, I was greatly inspired by beauty and sound in the natural world and began creating small musical instruments from clay, wood and other materials. I loved (and still love) inventing whistles and flutes and trying to create new sounds with each one.
In 1995, I began an apprenticeship with master flute maker Monty Levenson, where I was exposed to all aspects of Shakuhachi making. From this experience, flute making has become an integral part of my life path. It has also steered me on a profound path of inner exploration and a meaningful meditation practice.
I branched off on my own and opened Hosetsu in 2006. I now live in Celo, NC with my wife Meredith and sons Oak and Eben. I am so grateful to be able to work from home and be with my family.
In my website,, I offer introductory level shakuhachi, Enhanced Resonance flutes, and Jinashi root ends. You can find shakuhachi accessories, including protective flute bags, on the website as well. I also do shakuhachi repairs.


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Also Known As Hosetsu Shakuhachi

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