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Jose Fley

Fley, Jose

I am new to Shakuhachi, Ive read of people studying for decades and still being new-Im in only about 3 months......So I am still being born!!

There was something about the beautiful sound that came out of that strange flute that haunted me until I gave in and ordered one on Amazon, total waste of money, as I had yet to discover what a true shakuhachi actually was!!

By chance I stumbled onto a couple different websites and bumped into Perry-Finally, someone who was able to point me in the right direction!
After purchasing my 1st "real" shakuhachi from Perry I sat and studied different blowing techniques and fingerings and taught myself some simple note reading....and wow and double wow, I am almost able to carefully blow written pieces!

I fell in love with it!!

I just want to Thank Everyone on this site for all their very useful information!

Jose Fley


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