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Antonio Enzan Olías

アントニオ · 炎山 · オリアス

Olías , Antonio Enzan
Born 1976/08/03


Antonio Enzan Olías is a performer, teacher and composer for shakuhachi "Japanese bamboo flute". Antonio has been studying under the direction of the best shakuhachi masters. His curiosity, motivation and restlesness led him to explore and delve in different shakuhachi styles. He has studied with Tanaka Komei "Kinko Ryu Chikumeisha" and Etsuzan Fujiyoshi "Fukeshu Shakuhachi" on classical genres as Honkyoku "Zen music" and Sankyoku Gasso "Japanese chamber music". Antonio has studied Japanese contemporary music with Teruhisa Fukuda, Kuniyoshi Sugawara and Tanabe Shozan.

In 2010 master Etsuzan Fujiyoshi awarded him with the professional name belonging to his linage Saiho Enzan ·西方炎山· that means Mountain of Fire from the West. International artist has peformed in Japan, Egypt, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and widely in Spain. He is currently actively enganged as a soloist, teacher and founder member of several shakuhachi projects. His work as a teacher led him to make presentations, lectures and teaching courses at universities, educational associations and museums. He has collaborated with outstanding Japanese musicians as Junko Ihara, Naoko Machida, Yoshie Sakai, Tanaka Komei, Etsuzan Fujiyoshi and Tanomura Soh. He has been performing with Eduardo Paniagua, Ernesto Schmied, Julián Elvira, Antonio Moreno, Majid Javadí, Aboubakar Syla and Niraj Kumar.

Also Known As Saiho Enzan


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