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Motonaga Hiromu

Motonaga  Hiromu
Born 1974


About Motonaga Hiromu
Born in 1974, Yamaguchi pref. Japan.

Learned violin, trombone, guitar, and shakuhachi.

Studied under Ohashi Reisei and Sugawara Kuniyoshi .

After graduated from Sophia university (Tokyo), I started to live as a shakuhachi player.

1999 Graduated from Sophia university ( Foreign Language, Russian ), and the NHK academy for traditional Japanese music

2000 Had concert in China. CD recording “ Mother Earth” “The world of Tsugaru shamisen Oyama Mitsumasa “

2001 Concert tour, Paris, France . Finished seconnd at Shakuhachi competition vol. 3

2002 Finished second at Shakuhachi competition vol. 4

2003 Tokyo international Shakuhachi summit , live performance on NHK TV.

Formed “HAN’NYA TEIKOKU” , the shakuhachi trio.

2004 CD “ Song for Promise”, concert tour for educational purpose, over 70 schools in Tokyo, Katsushika-ku

2005 CD “Ryujin” ( Han’nya Teikoku ), concert at the festival of Japanese sound.

Concert tour in Germany (November) and Thailand (December).

2006 Performing arts in NY, Chicago as HAN’NYA TEIKOKU (January), concert tour in Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka (September)

Released CD album “ a Perfect Crime” (HAN’NYA TEIKOKU)

2007 A page out of order (Yoshiko Chuma works ), Japan society (NY)


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