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Renkei Hashimoto

Renkei Hashimoto

Renkai Hashimoto is a female Itchoken Shakuhachi player that lives and teaches in Munich Germany.



Hi Fu Mi Hi Fu Mi

Renkei Hashimoto performs Shakuhachi pieces which are meditative exercises rather than strict musical compositions.

Tracks Recorded

Choshi (Taizan Ha)Hi Fu Mi
Chôshi (Yamato)Hi Fu Mi
Hachigaeshi (Taizan Ha)Hi Fu Mi
Hasu no NamidaHi Fu Mi
Hi Fu Mi Cho (Taizan Ha)Hi Fu Mi
Kyushu Reibo (Taizan Ha)Hi Fu Mi
Murasaki ReiboHi Fu Mi
Ôshû SashiHi Fu Mi
TamukeHi Fu Mi

Composed or Arranged

Shakuhachi Compositions
YearTitleKanjiAlternate Title
Hasu no Namida
The Tears of the Lotus Blossom

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