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Yoshihiro Endô

Endô, Yoshihiro

Endô Yoshihiro (Shakuhachi name: Chikuhō, Min’yō name: Sōfûzan) began studying Kinko-ryû Shakuhachi in 1958 at the age of 20 under Kusano Reifû. In 1961, he began working for Toshiba where he entered a Min’yō Shakuhachi club and learned from Mikado Kintō and Yokoyama Buzan.

In 1975, he founded his own Min’yō group, Sōfûkai, which celebrated its 35th anniversary last year and now has nearly 100 members. Endo Chikuho has been awarded the highest teaching license from the Japan Folk Song Association but despite being settled as a successful Min’yō Shakuhachi player and teacher, in 1986 he began studying koten honkyoku with Okuda Atsuya.

Between 2001 and now, he has been teaching Shakuhachi to middle school students including such Min’yō pieces as Nikiriko-bushi, Sōran-bushi and Esashi oiwake. Five of his female students who graduated this year achieved the unusual accomplishment of being able to perform both Min’yō and koten honkyoku.

Also Known As Shakuhachi name: Chikuhō, Min’yō name: Sōfûzan

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