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Jishô Sakuhi



After the abolition of the Fuke sect in 1871, Jishô Sakuhi (自笑昨非), the 34th and last abbot of Myôanji while it was a honzan of the Fuke sect, changed his name to Akekure Kakusaku (明暗覚昨) and became a lay person.28 Before closing his temple and departing from priesthood, he transferred a number of Myôanji artifacts and documents to Zenneiin (善慧院), a sub-temple within the large temple complex of Tôfukuji (東福寺) for safe-keeping. Included were a statue of Kyochiku Zenji, the founder of the temple, the kyoreizan jigaku (虚霊山寺額, a framed tablet), the rekidai jûshoku (歴代住職, genealogies), the indai (院代, names of persons of authority) and the kanshu no reihai (看守の霊牌,tablets of the posthumous names of the members of the temple). These objects together became the focal point for those persons who wished to preserve the komusô tradition.

Also Known As Akekure Kakusaku (明暗覚昨)

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