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Suzanne Friedman

Friedman, Suzanne
Born 1968


I became interested in Buddhism and the shakuhachi in college, where I majored in Japanese Language & Literature. In the late 1990's I began publishing haiku poetry and I picked up the shakuhachi around the same time. I took a brief haitus from the flute but then came back to it as a part of my Zen Buddhist practice of "suizen" for physical and psycho-spiritual health.

I study Kinko Ryu honkyoku, sankyoku, and Kinpu Ryu with John Singer.

While John Singer has been my teacher since I began playing flute, I have also taken lessons with John Kaizan Neptune, Riley Lee, Marco Leinhard, Ronnie Nyogetsu Selden, Ralph Samuelson and I was once fortunate enough to have a lesson with Yamaguchi Goro.


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