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Hiroyuki Kodama


Hiroyuki Kodama
Shakuhachi & Maker

Kodama Hiroyuki, also known as Chiku Za, began studying koten honkyoku playing on jinashi Shakuhachi (hotchiku) with Okuda Atsuya in 1989. Very soon after, he found the Shakuhachi to be his path in life and also quickly became Okuda’s main student. Chiku Za also studied jinashi Shakuhachi making with Murai Eigorō for many years and moved with his family to the mountains in Nagano, where he is also able to harvest his own bamboo, to devote his life to Shakuhachi playing and making. In view of his renown, he receives many Shakuhachi players at his home who wish to learn how to make Shakuhachi and learn about honkyoku. Chiku Za continues to perform koten honkyoku and make jinashi Shakuhachi from his home in the mountains.

Also Known As Chiku Za


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