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Ichijo Kobayashi

Ichijo Kobayashi
Maker & Shakuhachi

Ichijo Kobayashi lives in Suita city, Osaka Japan. He was born in Yashiro town, Hyogo prefecture and graduated from Kansai Gakuin University in physics. He started playing the shakuhachi at the hougaku, japanese music, club on campus under the guidance of Tanaka Yudo (whose teacher was Araki Kodo III) of the Araki style of Kinko Ryu. In his second year of university he started to learn how to make shakuhachi from Shinzan. He said he started to make them because he needed repairs done on his shakuhachi but couldn't afford to pay for it so he was working it off as a helper to the maker. He soon became a live in student of Nagahiro Shinzan. Eventually he received permission from his teacher Tanaka sensei to go and take lessons with Aoki Reibo, which he still travels to Tokyo to do.


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