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Tilo Burdach

Burdach, Tilo

Tilo Burdach, a social scientist who did research on Latin America, has studied quite a wide range of different musical instruments since early childhood (flute, violin, classical guitar, piano, tampoora, dillruba, svarmandal, santoor). However, he found his real love about 20 years ago when he met the kyotaku and his flute-master Nishimura, Kokû in Kumamoto, Japan. This meeting ideally combined his love for music and his spiritual search (during the 10 years prior to the meeting, he had studied various meditation techniques with different masters and teachers and is himself teaching T’ai Chi as a meditation since 30 years).

He has been teaching kyotaku, making them the last 10 years, and giving concerts throughout Europe. He has released 4 cd’s: 3 that combine the kyotaku with other Eastern and Western instruments and one with mostly traditional honkyoku pieces. Burdach will play some pieces handed down in this Kyûshû branch of Meian-ryû shakuhachi, talk about his experiences with his charismatic teacher and the differences between kyotaku (the type of shakuhachi, Nichimura Kokû used) and other types of ji-nashi shakuhachi.

Also Known As Tilopa


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