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Iwata Seien

Iwata Seien

Schools: Seien Ryu, Taizan Ryu

Iwata Seien is the sixth iemoto of Seien Ryu, the lineage stemming from and serving as the source of the Fudaiji honkyoku. As well as being the principle holder of this lineage, he also studied Taizan Ryu extensively under Higuchi Taizan's student Tanikita Muchiku and is regarded by some as the top player from Tanikita's school. As well as preserving the Seien Ryu pieces in their original style, he has also added to the school's repertoire of traditional Seien Ryu honkyoku and gaikyoku by notating various Shinkyoku, as well as honkyoku he has learned from other lineages, into the Seien Ryu notation making them accessible to his students and other members of the Ryu.

- Information courtesy of Justin Senryu Williams

Also Known As Iwata Ritsuen


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