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David Sawyer

Sawyer, David
Born 1951/10/19


David Yūdo Sawyer, of English origin, was born in Paris, France and has been a full-time artist and musician all his life. His interest in shakuhachi music began when he heard his teacher, Kurahashi Yōdō II for the first time. Thereafter the aesthetics of traditional Japanese music in all its forms and instrumentation took center stage in his interests. David sought out Kurahashi-sensei and became his student immediately and for many years following, eventualy leading to a teaching licence and the given shakuhachi name, Yūdo (幽堂 meaning mystical or ghostly shrine).

Yōdō Kurahashi II asked Yūdo to form the second of only two Mujuan dojo branches outside of Japan. Mujuan dojo originated with Kurahashi's father, Yodo in Kyoto.The lineage goes all the way back to the 1930's and originates with the historical shakuhachi player Jin Nyodo, who amassed a very special collection of old honkyoku solo pieces from all over Japan.

David's teaching style is one of rigorous but compassionate basic training in the idiomatic phrase-making of his Mujuan lineage. He focuses also on the formation of good shakuhachi 'bones'. Good practice in posture, relaxation, embouchure-shaping, beautiful tones and elegant control. Besides the honkyoku pieces, David teaches Sankyoku, Minyo and Enka pieces to support the core repertoire.

Also Known As Yūdo

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