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Michael Soumei Coxall

Coxall, Michael Soumei
Shakuhachi & Scholar

Michael Soumei Coxall studied Shakuhachi in Japan for many years under the legendary Kinko-ryû master and Living Cultural Treasure, the late Yamaguchi Goro and still continues his studies with Mizuno Kohmei and Sugawara Kuniyoshi in Japan. Michael was awarded his Shakuhachi Shihan (Master’s Licence) in 2007 and the professional name of Soumei.

Michael taught full time at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, from 1986 to 2009 and is interested in both traditional and contemporary Japanese music. As well as teaching, he has performed widely in the UK and Japan and is the founder member of the London Hogaku Ensemble, has featured in numerous solo and ensemble performances with the Anglo-Japanese Collective and as an accompanist in recitals with visiting traditional Japanese performers in the UK including Kikuchi Teiko, Matsumura Kohmei and Nagai Seiho.

He is currently also a member of the sankyoku ensemble in London, “Hibiki”, and was the resident Shakuhachi teacher in the SOAS Japanese Music Society. Michael was the co-organiser of the First Pan-European Shakuhachi Summer School with Koto and Shamisen held in London in 2006. He is also a member of the Chikumeishakai. Michael now divides his time between the UK and Japan.




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