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David Amann


Amann, David
Родился(-лась) 12/11/61

Shakuhachi & Maker

Currently living in Hawaii. First came upon the shakuhachi camping on a remote north shore beach of Kauai in the summer of 1988. Fella named Ron Saya was playing at sunset - knew that was the thing for me. Since that day - until 2007, I had gone back to that beach to camp and play for a week every year. In the year after we met, I stayed with Ron at his camp and he taught me how to make a flute. Also picked up a couple from John Niemi back on Oahu when he lived here to continue in the quest. Finally after graduating in college - I went to Kumamoto. My brother had already been there for years and found a wonderful teacher with Mr. Furukawa the first week. I will be forever gracious for taking on me as his first gaijin student and really really taking care of me. I love Kumamoto and enjoyed living and playing there! Was fortunate to meet a number of great people in the shakuhachi world during my 2 year stay. Nishimura Koku to learn about the kyotaku and also Jeff Cairns while in Kumamoto. John Neptune as well an a number of recitals with Kahachiro Miyata also inspired me. Back in Hawaii am still fortunate enough to meet and learn from some other great people in the community, Riley Lee, Bob Herr and Rev. Okano. Besides playing at the Buddhist Study Center weekly, play mostly to the old recods of the Tozan classics or an occasional recital with Darin Miyashiro on Koto.

Также известный, как Koshizan

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