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Kudo Takeo

Kudo Takeo
Scholar & Shakuhachi

E. Takeo Kudo is Professor of Music at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa in Composition and Theory. His post-baccalaureate study earned him an MM in Music Theory, MA in Ethnomusicology, and a DMA in Composition. His preoccupation with the shakuhachi (since 1971) led to studies in Japan with the internationally-known YAMAGUCHI Goro and instrument maker YONEDA Chikamitsu.

Since 1972, most of his works have embraced embraced crosscultural influences (especially Japanese) and have been performed by many college and professional orchestras and chamber ensembles throughout the U.S., in Japan, and Hong Kong, as well as in his native Hawai`i. His earlier pieces employed gestures and musical concepts encountered in Japanese classical music, but were orchestrated solely for western instruments. Since 1986, Kudo's output has included works for non-western instruments (shakuhachi, taiko drums, dizi) in combination with western instruments and more recently, he has written works for non-western instruments alone. Examples of this most recent trend include EAST DRIFT (shakuhachi, koto, shamisen and taiko ensemble) commissioned by the Tokyo Shakuhachi Gassodan, and CHIRU (shakuhachi and shamisen), performed in October 2006 on the concert series "The Traditional and Contemporary in the Present" in Tokyo.

In February 2007, his LET FREEDOM RING! for taiko drums and orchestra was the culminating work performed at the Stanford University Pan-Asian Music Festival; in May 2008 it will be performed in Sao Paulo as part of the centennial celebration of Japanese immigration to Brazil. A new work entitled LIQUID PATHS for solo koto will be performed in Tokyo in August 2008, and a commissioned piece for gayagum and clarinet will be premiered in Seoul in November 2008. Takeo Kudo is a member of BMI.

Also Known As Elmer Kudo Takeo


Shakuhachi Construction: One Maker's Approach. Master's Thesis

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