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Sunny Yeung


- a shakuhachi performer and teacher

- My teachers are Riley Lee, the late Yokoyama Katsuya, and Tadashi Kajima.

- My students that are actively playing and teaching shakuhachi includes Erebus Wong ( Hong Kong and China ) and Philip Horan ( Ireland ).

- My recordings are available from Drum Music, a Hong Kong based Music Production Company, and my recording was collected in Volume Ocho of Cafe Del Mar,

- I teach in Tozan, Kinko and Chikuho notations as well as the western staff notations,

- I have performed with masters such as John Neptune, Riley Lee, Fukuhara Sawako ( koto master ) and the late Sawai Tadao ( koto master ) and Satsuki Odamura.

- I was the one that spent days playing and grading Dan Mayers’ shakuhachi collection for him,



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