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Carl Rathus

Rathus, Carl

Carl commenced his study of the Shakuhachi in 1975 in Okinawa in the Tozan Tradition. After some years traveling he returned to Japan and studied with Sakai Chikuho, head of the Chikuho School in Osaka.

Since returning to Australia Carl has studied with Riley Lee in Sydney and Kakizakai Kaoru in Japan. Carl spent much of 2000 studying with Master Kakizakai.

For the past decade Carl has been teaching shakuhachi privately and performing in the South East Queensland area. He specialises in the Zen inspired honkyoku repertoire, which is predominantly a solo style. He also plays the more modern style, combining with Lauren Stephenson on koto in the duo, Itotake (link). He explores new possibilities, including fusion with Indian classical music.




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Koto and Shakuhachi music of Japan with the Itotake quartet

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