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Konashi Kinsui

小梨 錦水

Konashi Kinsui
1861 - 1931


"The question of who taught Kinsui is somewhat complicated. Uramoto (Inagaki, ed. 1985:130), Tukitani (in NOD 1989:42), Yamaue (1984:167) and Izui and Takahashi (in Yamaue 1984:174) agree that Kinsui's first teacher was the komusô, Kurosawa Shôun (黒沢照雲). One of Kinsui's students, Uramoto Setchô (浦本浙潮) (Inagaki, ed. 1985:130) states, however, that Kinsui was taught by the last head priest of Futaiken and highly regarded komusô Hasegawa Tôgaku (長谷川東学) . Kurosawa Kinko, one of the most famous komusô, was also associated with the sub-temple Futaiken, further elevating Kinsui's credibility."

From Dr. Riley Lee's PhD Thesis YEARNING FOR THE BELL; a study of transmission in the shakuhachi honkyoku tradition. 1992 University of Sydney



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