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Ozaki Shinryû


1820 - 1888


Ozaki Shinryû(1820-1888) was a master player and supervisor priest at Myoan Temple before the Meiji Restoration. The style of shakuhachi playing which concentrated on the Myoan-ji honkyoku was called Myoan Shimpo style. Because Soetsu (see the Soetsu style),star pupil of this style, put his efforts in learning sankyoku ensemble pieces, the Shimpo styles was continued by Katsuruura Seizan (1856-1942).Seizan who later became the Kyoto head of the Myoan Society (the post-Fuke sect organization) and lived well into the 20th century, has been called “the last Komuso” and was the authority on the correct transmission of the Myoan Temples honkyoku .His influences on present day shakuhachi of the Fuke style is quite extensive.



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