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Bruce Huebner

Huebner, Bruce

Went to Japan in 1989 as a Monbusho Ministry of Education scholar, where he entered the Japanese Music Department of the Tokyo University of the Fine Arts and Music. There he studied under the Living National Treasure, Yamaguchi Goro for nearly five years becoming the first non-Japanese to graduate from the prestigious "Geidai". After moving to the Tohhoku Region of Northern Japan in 1994, he produced solo shakuhachi recitals with guests Kawase Junsuke in 1995 and Murooka Shoko (Yamada School Koto) in 1996. He earned his Shihan mastership in 1995 from Chikyusha. He is the founder of the Contemporary Sankyoku Ensemble and author of a three-volume teaching video in English for shakuhachi.

With a background in jazz, Bruce Huebner traveled to Japan in 1983 to study the shakuhachi under Kinko School master Junsuke Kawase. He returned to UC Santa Barbara in 1987 to take a Masters in East-Asian Studies (thesis title: Shakuhachi Honkyoku as Mahayana Buddhist Practice). He produced solo shakuhachi recitals in 1995 and 1996 and has performed with the Sawai Koto School and noted Butoh dancer Mori Shigeya. He is Assistant Professor of Music at Fukushima Women's Junior College, Fukushima, Japan.



Song of Daybreak Song of Daybreak

Chamber music, honkyoku and contemporary music for shakuhachi, koto, sangen and voice.

Tracks Recorded

Akebono no UtaSong of Daybreak
Chidori no KyokuSong of Daybreak
Haru no UmiSong of Daybreak
KajimakuraSong of Daybreak
Sagari Ha no KyokuSong of Daybreak
San'ya SugagakiSong of Daybreak
Shika no Tône (Kinko Ryû)Song of Daybreak
Tsuru no KoeSong of Daybreak


The Shakuhachi Honkyoku as a Mahayana Buddhist Esoteric Practice

Master of Arts, University of California, Santa Barbara1989

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