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Horacio Curti

Curti, Horacio
Born 1968/01/12


Horacio Curti was a jazz saxophone player when he encountered the Shakuhachi for the first time while travelling on the Himalayan region of India, and decided to go to Japan to start his studies of the instrument with Kakizakai Kaoru sensei. Since then, his commitment to the instrument and the traditional Japanese Music only grew stronger to the point that, at present he is solely dedicated to the Shakuhachi and its music. His long stays in Japan became something regular and usual. There he studied the instrument as well as the Koten Honkyoku music, taking some lessons also with Mende Takayuki and Riley Lee.

Presently residing in Barcelona he works on the traditional Japanese music field, performing –especially Koten Honkyoku music-, teaching, lecturing and researching; as well as on the contemporary music field, where he has released several recordings and collaborated with different musicians, dancers and composers, exploring the instrument from the same essence than traditional music but on a different context and approach.
He has taught and performed in Japan, USA, Spain, Holland, Belgium and Argentina, collaborating with institutions such as “General Consulate of Japan” in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, “University of Valladolid “, “Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya”, “Barcelona Cultural Institute” and the “Koninklijk Vlaams Conservatorium” in Belgium.

In the year 2004, he received his Shakuhachi Shihan (master) license from Yokoyama Katsuya sensei.

In the year 2005, he received his degree in Ethnomusicology in Barcelona, Spain.



11 Piezas 11 Piezas

Free Improvised Music. Luis Conde, bass clarinete. Horacio Curti, shakuhachi. Buenos Aires, 2001

Curti - Untitled 1 Curti - Untitled 1

Free Improvised Music. Stefan Prins, prepared piano. Horacio Curti, shakuhachi & voice. Barcelona, 2002

Curti - Untitled 2 Curti - Untitled 2

Free Improvised Music. Pedro Barboza, electric guitar. Horacio Curti, shakuhachi & voice. Barcelona, 2003

Home is Now Home is Now

Home is now is a sonic presentation created from the shakuhachi in 2015. The thirteen pieces included should be first considered as sound and only then as music.

Huellas Huellas

HuellasJazz Big Band. Los Saxópatas. 17 musicians.Horacio Curti – soprano sax. Buenos Aires, 1998

Ichi Ichi

Honkyoku and contemporary pieces.

Shadows Shadows

Free Improvised Music. Stefan Prins, prepared piano. Horacio Curti, shakuhachi. Barcelona, 2001

Tracks Recorded

Choshi (Myoan Shinpo Ryu)Ichi
DahaHome is Now
ElevenHome is Now
Impro IIchi
Impro IIIchi
Intro (home is now)Home is Now
NineHome is Now
OyasumiHome is Now
Sagari Ha (Don't know which version)Ichi
SevenHome is Now
Shika no Tône (Don't know which version)Home is Now
Shika no Tône (Don't know which version)Ichi
SixHome is Now
Ten (Curti)Home is Now
ThreeHome is Now
Tsuru no Sugomori (Don't know which version)Home is Now
Tsuru no Sugomori (Don't know which version)Ichi
TwelveHome is Now
Vent de l'OestIchi
Yamagoe (aka Reiho)Home is Now

Composed or Arranged

Shakuhachi Compositions
YearTitleKanjiAlternate Title

Impro I

Impro II


Intro (home is now)





Ten (Curti)



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