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Aoki Shoji


Aoki Shoji
Born 1965


Aoki Shoji was born in Tokyo in 1965, where he studied Kinko-ryu shakuhachi under his father, Aoki Reibo II, who is honored with the title of National Living Treasure in Japan. In 1988 he graduated from the Economics Department of Kokugakuin University. He studied shakuhachi-making under Ichijo Kobayashi. In 1992 he received an arts internship from the Culture Ministry of Japan. Then in 1993 Aoki Shoji recorded “Shika-no-Tone” for Pioneer’s Laser Disk.

In 1995 Aoki Shoji held his first recital at Kioi Hall, Tokyo. Then in 1996 he performed his second recital again at Kioi Hall, Tokyo.
Later in 1999 he performed at The Special Event of Young Traditional Dancers/Players held by the National Theater of Japan.

Throughout the year 2000 Aoki Shoji performed in Japanese Music Concerts in Seoul and Chonju, Korea. Then in 2003 he gave performances in Cultural Exchange Concerts with Chinese Instruments in Tientsin Conservatory, China. Today He is performing for many programs on NHK TV, radio and Satellite TV. He also makes shakuhachi. In addition, he is a councilor of the Japan Sankyoku Association, a member of the Kinko-ryu Association and an instructor at the Modern Japanese Music Institute.


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