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Gunnar Jinmei Linder

Linder, Gunnar Jinmei

Gunnar Jinmei Linder started studying the kinko style of shakuhachi in 1985, and since 1986 under direct guidance of Gorô Yamaguchi (1933-99; Designated National Treasure), the head of the Chikumeisha Guild of Kinko-ryû Shakuhachi.

He received his professional name Jinmei and shihan license in 1998, and holds an M.A. of shakuhachi as performing art from the Traditional Music Conservatory at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Tokyo Geidai), and from 2004 he's a researcher at the Stockholm Univ., Dept. of Japanology.

Musical Activities
His musical activities are centered around the traditional repertoire of kinko-ryû shakuhachi honkyoku, as well as the traditional string music jiuta-sôkyoku. He is also looking for other musical expressions in collaboration with musicians of other traditional Japanese instruments, such as the lute biwa and the drum kotsuzumi, as well as other Japanese arts, such as haiku reading and traditional (buyô) and modern dance performances.

He has also made guest performances as shakuhachi soloist with orchestras in Europe, performing the piece "Shizue - A Fantasy for String Orchestra and Shakuhachi " composed by Joseph Swensen (1995).




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Ginyu Ginyu

Tracks Recorded

Chidori no KyokuGinyu
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