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Sogawa Kinya

Sogawa Kinya
Shakuhachi & Maker

Born in Kobe, Japan
Studied shakuhachi making with Chikusen Tamai in Osaka
Shakuhachi student of Katsuya Yokoyama
Passed NHK broadcast audition for Japanese music
Graduated 27th term NHK Japanese music training program for performing artists
As a member of Pro Musica Nipponia, performed with the Gewandhaus Orchestra of Leipzip, Germany.
Also performed in France, Belgium, and South Korea
Has performed in the USA and in Canada under the sponsorship of the Japan Foundation
Presently a member of ORA-J, Japanese ensemble of Orchestra Asia. Ongoing performances in China, South Korea, and Japan(ORA-J Concert Series)
Solo recitals in Tokyo, performances at Wesleyan University, Trinity College, Teikyo-Post U.(all CT,USA)
Main interest is shakuhachi honkyoku, solo works for shakuhachi developed by komuso (wandering monks).
Professional work also includes broadcasting, theater, and recording.



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