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Steve Sciulli

Sciulli, Steve

Life In Balance

Creating Inner-Peace for your Outer-Space

Using the high frequency transmission of Quartz Crystal Bowls and enhanced Shakuhachi for pure vibrational energy restoration, Life In Balance creates a sonic environment for deep personal exploration; effectively re-patterning cellular and thought systems while expanding intuitive abilities.

Life In Balance perform over 250 sound sessions per-year

Including concerts at:

Three Rivers Art Festival, The Andy Warhol Museum, The O’ Rielly Theater, Buhl Planetarium, Carnegie Science Center, WQED TV, Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall, The Labyrinth at the Cathedral of Hope, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

We have recently performed for Deepak Chopra, The Drepung Gomang Tibetan Monks, The U.N. United Religions Initiative, Composed music for and performed with the LabCo Dance CO, Performed for the International Sculptural Society.

A few comments:

Pittsburgh Post Gazette "….an urban Zen master."

Magical Blend Magazine “….Life In Balance creates in this CD a healing musical experience that permeates the very cells. Its quiet, haunting tones provide a vehicle for meditation and personal exploration. It puts you at peace.

In Pgh Newsweekly…." Sciulli has stepped out of the ordinary musicality on many an occasion. He represented as 'Urban Zen' form of post - New Age music not heard previously in this town."

Pittsburgh City Paper…."Sciulli's approach has put him at the vanguard of the regional scene. The consistent theme that shows up in his work for the past 16 years is radical innovation."

Point of Light Magazine…."Life In Balance create flowing, resonant sonic environments that promote pure vibrational restoration. I'm happy to report that their new CD "Deeper", succeeds on all levels."

Tribune Review…."The veteran Pittsburgh musician and multi-instrumentalist has made a habit of seeking out the unique."

Ami Sciulli: Chakra-tuned Quartz Crystal Bowls
Steve Sciulli: Enhanced Shakuhachi and Bansuri

Vibrations create a language of divine form in motion. These living patterns of multidimensional rotating sacred geometry gives identity to all substance and thought.

Life In Balance utilizes chakra-tuned Quartz Crystal Bowls with Shakuhachi and Bansuri Flutes - instruments made of carbon and silica, instruments which speak to our very DNA.

The pure Quartz Bowls are tuned to the human energy fields (chakras) which create a sympathetic resonance within the listener’s body, both physical and meta-physical.

The Flutes have a breathy and organic sound - enabling information to flow from the “source” through the performer and out into the listener.

Our intent is to create a sonic environment to assist the listener in opening and balancing the heart and crown Chakra’s; and to enhance the intuitive and self-healing abilities by bringing the entire being back to it’s original expression of perfection.


Deeper Deeper

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