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Iwami Baikyoku V

Iwami Baikyoku V
1923 - 2012/08/08


Born in Tokyo, Japan 1923. Also known as Tsuna Iwami Baikyoku.

In 1930 started his shakuhachi studies with professor Hodo Igura and afterwards Kodo Araki IV.

In 1942, he received the title of master "Iemoto" at Kinko ryu, and named Baiyoku V.

He studied music composition with the professor Kishio Hirao, that was student of Vincent D' Indy.

In 1948 graduated in geophysics and chemistry in Kyoto University.

In 1956 moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where later naturalized Brazilian.

He founded the Brazilian Association of Japanese Classical Music, where has been president ever since. It joins the several schools of Japanese classical instruments: shakuhachi, koto, and shamisen and has presented many concerts in Brazil and South America.

Also Known As Tsuna Iwami Baikyoku



Tsuna Iwami Tsuna Iwami

There are 11 tracks. The first ten tracks are Japanese Music for western instruments: flute, piano and cello. The last track is Koro-koro Fantasy, inspired by the sounds of the Amazon Rain Forest. Mr Iwami plays the shakuhachi in this track, with electronic keyboard and orchestra.

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