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Peter Ross

Ross, Peter
Shakuhachi & Maker

Peter Ross is a shakuhachi teacher, performer, flute-maker, and recording artist living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He began his studies with F.K. Nagao in 1972 in Hawaii. While living there, he began making shakuhachi flutes out of bamboo and also teaching at Hilo Community College. In 1976, Peter began studying with Masayuki Koga in San Francisco. Peter is the originator of the Arabian shakuhachi.

When Masayuki Koga moved from San Francisco to the Zen center in Minneapolis, Peter moved there with his family. There he began to make lathe-turned wooden shakuhachi. He decided to make flutes from quality hardwoods, such as rosewood and cocobolo. Peter was the first flute maker outside of Japan to make hardwood shakuhachi. During his fourteen-year stay in Minneapolis, besides teaching shakuhachi, Peter performed for several years at a well-known Japanese restaurant.

More recently Peter has studied with Ray Brooks, Teruo Furuya, Marco Leinhard, and Akikazu Nakamura.

Since, 1992, Peter has resided in Seattle where he is very active as a shakuhachi performer, teacher and flute maker.

As a player, Peter brings his uniquely innovative style to the shakuhachi. He plays with great feeling and creativity. Strongly influenced by jazz, Peter uses his improvisational skills to transcend traditional shakuhachi playing styles. His playing has appeared on soundtracks for both film and television. Along with Gary Haggerty, Peter is a founding member of the world music group Journey East.



Bamboo Spirit Bamboo Spirit

Peter's first shakuhachi recording, Bamboo Spirit is a collection of beautiful Japanese folk melodies and meditative improvisations...played on the shakuhachi flute, known for its haunting sound and serene qualities. Suitable for massage therapy, tai chi and yoga.

Mystic Caravan Mystic Caravan

". .every time I pick up a flute, I still hope to go beyond everything I know to a new place of pure feeling and expression..." -Peter Ross

Primitive Heart Primitive Heart

Hit the play button and enter the space of Primitive Heart, Peter Ross' fourth studio recording. A vibrant Shakuhachi showcase, it features Peter on Shakuhachi, Bass Shakuhachi, bamboo flute and his own creation, the Arabian Shakuhachi. Powerful and passionate, Primitive Heart is also a testament to his experimental nature. With obvious delight, Peter weaves exotic melodies with world music rhythms, then adds uncommon accompaniments that include oud, viola, brazilian berimabau, and ethnic drums like the clay udu, djembe, and dunbek. The result is a hypnotic opus of rhythm and melody that resonates long after the last cut.

Space between thoughts - a journey east, The Space between thoughts - a journey east, The

The space between thoughts... a journey east is a deeply meditative recording of shakuhachi and bamboo flutes played with ethnic instruments of the Middle East, India and Asia. This eclectic combination of the flute, harmonium, violin, and tambura transcends global boundaries. This recording uses drones, continuous long tones as an underlying basis for most of the songs, bringing a peaceful and calming feeling to the entire collection. Elegant vocals were also used on several of the pieces, adding an hypnotic and exquisite backdrop to Peter's superb talent.

View From Here, The View From Here, The

The View From Here grew out of Peter's travels through Asia, his lifelong love of jazz improvisation and from years of studying the shakuhachi, the Zen flute of Japan. The music on this recording is global, including a blues tune, Japanese folk songs, an Arabian love song, and free interpretations of music from Bali and South India.

Tracks Recorded

Afro BluePrimitive Heart
Arabian ThemeBamboo Spirit
Balinese ThemeBamboo Spirit
Benares TrilogyMystic Caravan
By MoonlightMystic Caravan
Deep Water ThemeBamboo Spirit
DefuneBamboo Spirit
Further EastPrimitive Heart
Goodbye Pork Pie HatView From Here, The
Hietsuki BushiBamboo Spirit
Hietsuki BushiSpace between thoughts - a journey east, The
Itsuki no KomoriutaBamboo Spirit
Journey at DuskMystic Caravan
Journey East, ASpace between thoughts - a journey east, The
Kariboshikiri UtaView From Here, The
Kojo no TsukiBamboo Spirit
Kojo no TsukiView From Here, The
KomoriutaBamboo Spirit
Kumoi JishiBamboo Spirit
Lullaby of Itsuki VillageMystic Caravan
Mystic CaravanMystic Caravan
Night FallPrimitive Heart
Osaka Bon KomoriutaBamboo Spirit
Primitive HeartPrimitive Heart
Pull of the Moon, TheSpace between thoughts - a journey east, The
Rhythm TranceMystic Caravan
Space Between Thoughts, TheSpace between thoughts - a journey east, The
Tanko BushiBamboo Spirit
Theme for Sensei NagaoBamboo Spirit
Theme for SevenBamboo Spirit

Composed or Arranged

Shakuhachi Compositions
YearTitleKanjiAlternate Title

Mango Chutney Groove

Morning Light


Ubud Village

Benares Trilogy

By Moonlight

Journey at Dusk

Lullaby of Itsuki Village

Mystic Caravan

Rhythm Trance

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