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Hiratsuka Yoshio

平塚 芳雄


Yoshio Hiratsuka, who is globally in active as koto & shakuhachi player and composer, and his Korei-Hogakukai have made performances more than 156 times at art festivals or at formal concerts in various places in the world.

Being honored such activities, he was far given lots of awards including the "Foreign Minister's Prize" and the "Aichi Prefecture Cultural Art Prize" in Japan, Prizes of "Honorary Citizen" in many cities in the United States, and "Letter of Thanks" or "Certificate of Friendship" in lots of countries in the world.

Hi is now the leader in the genre of hogaku (Japanese music ) in fact as well as in name.

Born in Nagoya 1936 as a son of Kozan Hiratsuka and Tshiko Reimei, Hiratsuka is globally active as a koto and shakuhachi player and composer. His first stage performance was at the age of four. He began to compose music in 1955, and since then he has composed modern sokyoku (music of koto) such as Cosmos, Yuzuru Fantasy, Meditation, Joy, Fuji etc. He currently holds concerts on television and radio.

In 1974, Hiratsuka started touring overseas, travelling first to USA. He has perfoemed more than 156 times at art festivals or at formal concerts in various places around the globe, including the Berlin Festival in Germany, Flanders International Music Festival Belgium, Zagreb International Music Festival in Yugoslvia and the Hong Kong Art Festival.

Hiratsuka's music is romantic and creeps into our feelings. The emotions appeal to the heart and audience moves with beautiful melody. Hiratsuka has been awarded the 'Aichi Prefecture Cultural Art' prize, 'Foreign Minister' award in Japan and he has also received award of ' Honorary Citizen' from various cities in the USA. Hiratsuka is the leader in the genre of hogaku (Japanese music).


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