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Kangetsu (Disk 2)

Kangetsu (Disk 2)

Yamamoto Hozan
RCA - JRZ-2576

Track Title Kanji Length Shakuhachi Shamisen Koto
1   Kogarashi 木枯 06'55 Yamamoto Hozan

This composition was written in 1922. This rather short piece for solo is a masterpiece of Shakuhachi music.
Filled with classical repose and flavor, it occupies a unique position in pieces for solo.
2   Momiji もみじ 13'05 Kawamura Taizan

This ensemble in two parts was written in Takao in the west of Kyoto in 1929. This composition consists of three movements plus coda. The second movement is written in rare five-eight time, which gives novel impression to listeners. It is of great interest that, although the score indicates five time of "three (3) plus two (2)", but it actually sounds to our ears "two (2) plus three (3)" counting from the up beat.
3   Asa Kaze 朝風 11'27 Yamamoto Hozan

This composition was written in March 1938. The first movement is a solemn piece for solo. The climax of melodies appears in the middle of the first movement. The second movement begins with the introduction of solo which is followed by ensemble in two parts. Frequent appearance of triplet and semiquaver gives to listeners delightful impression of instrumental music like "Tegoto" (interlude of Koto music or "Jiuta", ballad originating in Kamigata (district of Kyoto and Osaka) in Edo era), which is exactly refreshing as morning breeze.
4   Seikaiha 青海波 11'27 Yamamoto Hozan

This maiden work by TOZAN NAKAO was composed in July 1904. It is composed of four movements.
The first two movements are written for solo. These two movements are not so rhythmic, but have melodies with "Jiuta" like flavor. The first movement features the magnificent view of the sea, and the second movement the scene of warriors slipping in the enemy's camp. The composition makes a complete change in the third movement which is performed by ensemble in two parts and is abundant in bright melodies.

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