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Shakuhachi - Clive Bell

Shakuhachi - Clive Bell

Clive Bell
ARC Music Int. - EUCD 1135

Track Title Kanji Length Shakuhachi Shamisen Koto
1 Yamagoe (aka Reiho) 鈴法 07'43 Clive Bell

Spiritual Law
2 Komoro Bushi 小諸節 04'32 Clive Bell

Song of Komoro - "Again this morning, as I set out from Komoro, I can see the smoke from the Asama volcano".
3 Kumoi Jishi 雲井獅子 08'38 Clive Bell

The Cloud and the Lion - The Lion is a symbol of power and success so Kumoi Jishi also means brilliant success. It is associated with the Shishimai Dance, and played on festive occasions.
4 Sansa Shigure さんさ時雨 03'36 Clive Bell

Autumn showers in Sansa.
5 Kariboshikiri Uta 刈干切唄 03'29 Clive Bell

The harvesting, drying and cutting song - A farmer's working song from Kyushu.
6 Hon Shirabe 本調 04'41 Clive Bell

Authentic Tune - A Shirabe is a kind of prelude, used to test a new flute or to introduce a performance.
7 Monkeys and Smoke 05'16 Clive Bell

Monkeys and smoke are alike, they both climb upwards. This piece is an improvisation.
8 San'ya Sugagaki 三谷菅垣 09'36 Clive Bell

The meaning of this song, as the composer are anonymous.
9 Shika no Tône (Kinko Ryû) 鹿の遠音 09'33 Clive Bell

The Call of the Deer - The mating call of deer herds in the mountains. Often played as a duet; this is Kohachiro Miyata's solo version of the piece.

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