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"John Singer gives a solo performance of the rare and ancient Nezasa Ha Kinpu Ryu Honkyoku Zen Buddhist pieces. These were taught to him by the Iemoto (Grand Master) of the Kinpu Ryu, Inoue Shouei (Inoue Shigeshi) in 1987. This music originated in northern Japan and consists of 10 pieces in total. This is their first introduction to the West."

John Singer
Blue Phoenix Music. - JS-01

Track Title Kanji Length Shakuhachi Shamisen Koto
1 Shirabe (Nezasa Ha) 調 (根笹) 02'44 John Singer

2 Sagari Ha (Nezasa Ha) 下り葉 (根笹) 03'01 John Singer

3 Matsukaze (Nezasa Ha) 松風 (根笹) 05'16 John Singer

4 San'ya Seiran 三谷清攬 05'35 John Singer

5 Tôri 通里 04'27 John Singer

6 Shishi 獅子 07'01 John Singer

7 Nagashi Reibo 流鈴慕 07'37 John Singer

8 Hachigaeshi (Nezasa Ha) 鉢返 (根笹) 04'34 John Singer

9 Kokû (Nezasa Ha) 虚空 (根笹) 10'46 John Singer

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