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Music of the Shakuhachi

"Kinko and Meian honkyoku."

Ralph Samuelson
Music of the World - T-104

Track Title Kanji Length Shakuhachi Shamisen Koto
1   Hi Fu Mi Hachigaeshi no Shirabe (Kinko Ryu) 一二三鉢返の調 10'42 Ralph Samuelson

This piece was collected and arranged by Kinko Kurosawa (1710-1771), an important player and teacher in the Fuke sect.

Hi Fu Mi (One, Two, Three) is an introductory section to warm up the instrument and to attain concentration of mind.

Hachigaeshi (Return the Bowl) is a song that was traditionally played by the komuso in soliciting alms. They would receive a bowl of rice in exchange for playing the piece.
2   San'ya (Taizan Ha) 三谷 08'53 Ralph Samuelson

The origin of the term San'ya (Three valleys) is unclear but it most likely is the name of the place where this piece originated. It is played here in a style which attempts to maintain the "blowing-as-meditation" practice of the Fuke sect.
3   Ginryu Koku 吟龍虚空 12'09 Ralph Samuelson

Koku (Empty Sky) is one of the profoundly spiritual pieces of the shakuhachi tradition and one of a core group of three sacred pieces. It is said to have been given by the Buddha to the monk Kochiku (13th century) in a dream. Ginryu Koku is the special version of Koku which Kinko Kurosawa colleted from a priest named Ginryu.
4   San'ya Sugagaki 三谷菅垣 08'43 Ralph Samuelson

The term sugagaki refers to a style of shamisen (three string lute) music and implies that this piece, showing influence from secular instrumental traditions, has a strong rhythmic character.

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